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Help design the tech that affects your life.

We're currently building the community of future users to participate in the co-design process.

We invite everyone who meets the baseline requirements to complete the survey form. Though we can't include everyone in every co-design workshop, we'll be looking for ways to include as many perspectives as possible. Even if there's not a place for you in our earliest workshops, we'll keep you in mind for the future.

We've included all the details below (and answered many more questions on our FAQs page).

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Sex workers working independently or who would like to work independently who are active (ideally have made a booking within the last year). Workers who rely on digital technology platforms in some way to find clients or manage bookings or payments.

Clients who have relied on one or multiple digital technologies to discover, book with or pay a service provider within the last year. Clients should have no existing history of abuse, exploitation or harassment.

We’re looking for individuals who are willing to participate in several online workshops. Though we may not select you to participate in our first workshop series (we have limited resources and space), please let us know if we can keep you in mind for future workshops.

If you are a service provider, you can choose to participate in workshops that only include other providers. If you are a client, you can choose to participate in workshops that only include other clients. Only individuals who express interest in working across categories will be considered for the cross-community workshop that includes service providers and clients.

If you’re unsure about co-design workshops, but would still like be a part of the design process, please complete the survey and select the option to participate in future surveys or product tests.

Please note that workshop participation is paid in order to make co-design accessible to all.

We are dedicated to building an inclusive, representative co-design community that reflects the broader community and encourage everyone to get involved.

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