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Privacy Policy

horizontl does not collect any personal information from when you visit the website. If you click through to complete the co-design questionnaire, we only collect a contact email address as the primary identifier and means of communicating with you.


We do not use any cookies on this site.


horizontl is using Typeform (a third-party software) for the survey questionnaires for those interested in participating in community co-design.

Typeform does not collect or share respondent data, but encrypted respondent data is transmitted and stored by Amazon Web Services (data storage and management system) and Cloudflare (content delivery network) in order to deliver Typeform services. For more about Typeform's data security and protection, visit Typeform's Security page.

In addition, Typeform uses cookies. Cookies do not provide Typeform with any personally identifiable information, and you can change or block cookies in your browser settings.

Typeform & horizontl

Typeform is anonymous by default and horizontl does not ask for any real ID data in our survey. The only personal identifier we collect is the email address you choose to associate with your responses. If you submit our survey questionnaire, you consent to letting us collect your email address in association with your responses to questions and to use that email address for future communications about co-design work. We will hold that data, with your email address as your primary personal identifier, as long as you are actively participating in the co-design process.